Wednesday, October 7, 2009

PInhead Gunpowder - Kick Over The Traces

I wasn't really into Green Day pre-Dookie, and as a contrarian I never really bought into the whole thing once MTV jumped on the punk thing. That Longview song was ok and I liked the bookmobile and weed tendencies, but beyond that Billy Joe and the idiot savant drummer seemed kinda douche-y and I never liked Billy Joe's voice. Dirnt always seemed like he was nice enough, but after that prom song made them totally ubiquitous for a second time a couple years ago, it was time to take advantage and liquidate the Green Day from the world of the tangible cd.

Now that Green Day are the new political Monkees for the mall-punk set, Billie Joe has been recapturing his youth (and Gilman cred) by reanimating GD auxiliary reserves project Pinhead Gunpowder. All of the members have old school Green Day roots, with drummer Aaron Cometbus having roadied for the band, Jason White tenuring as fourth live member and Bill Schneider tour managing and guitar teching. White replaced original guitarist Mike Kirsch, who played a less lucrative rout in much better bands like Fuel and Bread & Circuits. Pinhead Gunpowder played some low-key shows last year in California and now we have a little greatest hit compendium (chosen by the band) called Kick Over The Traces in our hot little hands. It's on Recess and evidently a precursor to the house that Congliere built re-releasing their entire catalog in the coming months. Good times. There are 23 songs for your pleasure here, all of them as catchy as crabs at a punk house. Billie Joe sounds like he always does, making his selections less than desirable for me, but there are more than enough contributions from the other guys to make it worthwhile for this asshole. If you're a huge Pinhead Gunpowder fan that has deep pockets and/or have good internet prospecting skills, get the Japanese version that has a bonus live disc. From Gilman even. Complete your PG collection and refill the Armstrong coffers of punk rock cred here. Pick up all the other Recess releases while you're at it.


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