Thursday, October 29, 2009

R.I.P: Chuck Biscuits (1965-2009)

So, after being off my personal radar for years, save for perhaps the Chunklet Brian Walsby cartoon, it appears that Mr. Chuck Biscuits has passed on from throat cancer at age 44. I first saw him with Social Distortion, and he was evidently only with them for a year or so, but it was certainly long enough for me to have my first 'was that really a good idea' tattoo moment as:re the huge BISCUITS tattoo he had on his back. The drumming was bad-ass, but I believe that was the last time he was actively in the public eye musically. Evidently he studied art in his later years and was quite the cereal historian/collector. 44 is far too young, but far better than malingering. Rest easy, big guy.


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