Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Eugene Mirman - God Is A Twelve Year Old Boy With Aspergers

Eugene Mirman is one funny giant Brooklyn Jew ex-Special Ed student. His first two records En Garde! Society and The Absurd Nightclub Comedy of Eugene Mirman are as top-shelf in their Grade A NYC offensive stand-up as they are notable for having been released on indie-rock labels like Suicide Squeeze and Sub Pop. Think a David Cross that you'd want to hang out with afterwards, or a less acerbic (but no less funny) Todd Barry. Trust me, the guy's funny.

God Is A Twelve Year Old Boy With Asperger's reprises a fair amount of stuff from a Comedy Central special that I saw for the first time recently (and assumed was old, frankly) but chances are you aren't as much of a nerd as this shut-in and haven't seen it. I'm told Mirman's got some heat (industry parlance) from appearing on that Flight Of The Conchords show. If it was a big deal for Comedy Central (and you'd think it would be) I would have thought it would have been better promoted than the 3am airing I caught, but then again I watch everything on DVR, so maybe I missed the promo blitz. To be fair, they are busy bringing ventriloquism back to the masses. With that grim eventuality looming in our future, some laughter seems to be in order. God Is A Twelve Year Old Boy With Asperger's is good for this. Get said funny from Sub Pop here. If you are a big enough nerd you might maybe get a free tote bag or something.


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