Monday, October 5, 2009

Strike Anywhere - Iron Front

Finally, we get the full-length version of Iron Front. The EP of the same name showed potential, but as a fleshed out record, Iron Front is pretty badass. There is still a large amount of Dag Nastification going on with the proceedings, but it appears to be coming from the right place, and you really can't front on the DN, can you? I would like to think not.

Tracks like South Central Beach Party and I'm Your Opposite Number are as a good as the best Strike Anywhere material. SA may be guilty of writing the same song more than once, but at the end of the day, it's a good song, so if you like Strike Anywhere Iron Cross will have you posi-d up like nobody's business. Bridge Nine must be stoked as hell to have this record. Strike Anywhere should, too. They have hooks for days here, and while I think the production is a little much, nothing can disguise the sheer finger-pointability of most if not all of the songs on Iron Front. Buy it from the Vagrant of Hardcore here starting tomorrow. There's a pre-order thing I think you can still get in on, too. Strike Anywhere are in the Northeast, so you'd do well to check them out. Keep track of these subversives here.


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