Saturday, October 10, 2009

Free Awesomeness Alert: The Riot Before - Fists...Out Of Sockets

One or both of you might remember that JS-NYC is all about The Riot Before. These Richmond kids make a racket that is the best part of Avail and Uncle Tupelo. They are rumored to bring it loud live, but don't think they are hiding crappy songwriting behind loud-ass amps.
The Riot Before just signed to Paper & Plastic records and are evidently hitting the studio in December. In the interim, the band and their new bosses have offered an little acoustic EP to tide us over til the record drops next year. It's called Fists...Out Of Sockets and reprises seven tunes from the last TRB record Fists Buried in Pockets in acoustic-y form. It's pretty bad-ass, and only emphasizes the fact that I need to see The Riot Before damn soon. Did I mention that this EP is currently free for download? Here's a link. Step lively!


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