Sunday, June 21, 2009

Live: Wussy @ Cake Shop 6.16.9

As the Avendon-ian snapshottery so eloquently evinces. Wussy were back in town, playing my new home away from home Cake Shop with Doug Gillard and Chris Brokaw. I like me some Wussy, and was pretty excited at the prospect of hearing them play some of the new stuff off their awesome new self-titled record.

I showed in time to catch a good part of Doug Gillard's set. He was playing in an ad-hoc duo format with his guitar player, as his rhythm section was called out of town, but still managed to wow the small crowd that turned up. He's got a new record out called Call From Restricted that I've not heard, but judging from the material he played, it sounds like it's pretty damn good.

Wussy were batting in the middle slot, which was more than fine with me. I enjoy Chris Brokaw in all of his incarnations, but it had been a couple weeks in a row where I had been out every night and I was looking forward to a quiet wind-down to the evening. Wussy have a new drummer, which was a mild bummer, but he seemed to have had no problems assimilating into the band's ranks, as Wussy set the place on fire. It seemed like the Ohio ex-pat community was out in force. The band seemed a little taken aback about the crowd being so enthusiastic on a school night, but were far from unappreciative, feeding off the crowd and giving it back tenfold.
The set list is pictured, although in retrospect I'm not sure how accurate it is. Regardless, suffice to say that the kids rocked. Lisa was in fine voice and as lovely to look at as always.
Chuck was his usual acerbic self, although I will admit to catching unnatural feelings being around that much of a big hunk of man. My issues aside, he and Lisa make for a fine rock and roll couple. Paired with rest of Wussy, they make for one heck of rock franchise. Think John and Exene if they came from Cincinatti rather than L.A. It's so good. You would do well to get off your duff and check them out the next time they pass through town.

Check out Wussy next time they come through your town, hopefully towards the end of the summer. You plan your schedule using this handy link. Buy the stellar new record Wussy here and thank me later.


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