Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Live: Bloodkin @ National Underground 6.19.9 (late)

So Traci at Thirty Tigers mentioned that Bloodkin were going to be in town and suggested I pop in. I really like the new Bloodkin record, Baby They Said We Would Rise Again. I had written it up for the final print issue of Skyscraper and they were playing in the neighborhood, so I double dipped and dropped in after the 1.6 Band reunion.

Barry has had good things to say about Monday's at NU. Evidently Kevn Kinney plays the pretty regularly and its a good time. On a Friday night upstairs, however, it's kind of a pain in the ass. Bloodkin kicked ass, but the constant traffic back and forth was pretty irritating for this cranky old bastard, and I wasn't playing. The gents are no spring chickens, and I'm sure have played much worse situations, but I felt for them. I saw the first set and would have stayed for the second had it not been like seeing a band in a hallway full of the finest Friday night douchebags the bridges and tunnels could provide. If you can see Bloodkin, you definitely should, though. The new record is great and the old stuff is pretty fabulous it's own self, very Athens, with a healthy dose of DBT, if you're into that kind of thing. Oh, I so am. Keep track of the fearsome fivesome that is Bloodkin here and get the new record Baby They Said We Would Rise Again here from the good folk of Sci-Fidelity. It's a banger.


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Peter said...

Was a great lowbrow night of rawk....hope they can get into a better venue next time.