Monday, June 15, 2009

Live: Howard Tate and Lucero @ Snapple BBQ Fest 6.13.9

First off, let me point out that the rain stymied any attempt for me to get any pics, so both of these photos were boldly snagged off the interwebs from 33-13 (dot) com. Apologies to Jacob Blickenstaff for using his awesome pix without asking.

So there was rain, although really only for the last part of the Howard Tate set and most of Lucero. It gave the unwashed Lucero masses a chance to grab free showers and opened up the real estate rather nicely. Got a second with the exceedingly wonderful Goldberg-Paupeck dynamic duo (plus one) and caught the high points of the Howard Tate set. All the old hits were present and HT was in good voice. Add some overpriced BBQ and you've got a good way to prime the pump for Lucero.

The boys were good the night before, but afternoon shows for the gents can be a slippery slope, especially if Ben's been on the Jameson the night before. The rain (and some bad monitors) complicated things a bit, but all in all a pretty great set. I continue to have my issues with the ballcap contingent (especially those that roll ten deep with a beer bong) but they were almost offset by the new songs and the kid (Henry?) who came out and danced for a bit. Anyone see Junior Brown the next night?


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Shawn said...

Ah man, Should have found out if you were going to this, I was there, but left during Lucero and the rain to catch the mets yanks. Hope all is well-