Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dear Landlord - Dream Homes

Not since the release of the Shorebirds record last year has there been rejoicing on a level comparable to the elation shown at JS-NYC HQ with the arrival of the Dear Landlord full-length. Comprised of half of the dear departed Twin Cities punk stalwarts Rivethead, along with a couple of Copyrights, Dear Landlord are one of the few bands that is just as good as their predecessors.

Above and beyond their previous bands, you can discern the Screeching Weasel influence pretty easily. No slow songs, no ballads and one cover. All pretty bad-ass. They have re-recorded Three To The Beach in a not altogether displeasing manner, but from where I'm sitting, it's better on the split with Chinese Telephones. Quibbling aside, Dream Homes is out today via the lovable Floridians of No Idea Records. If you don't already have it, you may purchase via this handy link.


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