Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Live: 1.6 Band reunion at Cake Shop 6.19.9

So it's another Friday night at JS-NYC HQ. I'm supposed to go check out Bloodkin at Union Underground late, but get a text from Eric about the 1.6 Band reunion show over at Cake Shop. Kids are in town, Jason Viteretti is on the island and it's right around the corner, so off I go.

All nostalgia aside, do we really need a 1.6 Band reunion? They were fun to see at ABC back in the day, and were all purported to be nice guys (when they were sober and/or clothed), but if anything, you would think a Beyond reunion would be the way to go. That said, everybody looked well, and the gents sounded great. There is evidently a new EP on the way (via Gern Blandsten, maybe) which will be interesting to hear. The new songs sound like the old ones, if that is an issue for you. Good times, good show, good people. The picture is old, obviously.

I'm not sure how active the band really can be with Kevin in Austin, but in the interim, you can keep track of all 1.6 Band goings-on via this handy link.


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