Monday, June 29, 2009

Cory Branan and Jon Snodgrass split cd

Before I get off track, let me first say that this Cory Branan/Jon Snodgrass split record is something you should pickup immediately. Both Cory and Jon are great guys and ridiculously talented singer / songwriters and Virgil and the rest of the kids at Suburban Home should be lauded heavily for all the ridiculously great records they release on the regular.

That said, what the fuck is the deal with all this animal iconography lately?!!? I'm all for totems and/or spirit animals and thought those shirts were pretty funny last century when I used to tour, but really kids? Do we need a fucking ironic eagle or cobra on the cover? I would argue no. Vociferously.

Were Snodgrass and Branan not to be the artists on this little slab of delight, I would rain bile on it ad infinitum. Wonderfully, the songs more than make up for the exceedingly ridiculous artwork. There are a couple covers and three originals from each of the gents. I'd say Branan edges out Snodgrass by a hair, but it's damn close. I think it's really only the fact that Jon dropped a solo record recently that gives him the edge. All the songs are pretty top-notch, with Branan's Yeah, So what! topping the list. That boy is trouble, personally and professionally. I wouldn't introduce him to my girlfriend, but I'd travel a real long distance to see him (or Jon) play live.

Bizarrely, this is only available on vinyl and cassette. I guess wax cylinders were unavailable, but I would venture that there must be some digital approximation of this stuff to be had. Pick up the record here and find Snodgrass and Branan through the highlighted links.


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