Thursday, June 18, 2009

Live: Canadian Rifle, Daylight Robbery, Fatal Erection @ Tommy's Tavern 6.15.9

Ah, Brooklyn and its punk rock. In my old age, it takes a lot for me to get on the bike and ride out into the wilds to see shows, especially on a school night, but I've been on a bit of a tear as of late. I really liked the Iron Chic demo, and as Get Bent seem to have gone the way of the Potboiler, it seemed prudent to dodge the storms of late spring and make it out to Tommy's, especially if there was a midnight curfew.

I rolled in around the 10 o'clock hour, just in time to catch the end of the Fatal Erection set. The three or four tracks I saw were pretty great. Female singer, and pretty abrasive in the Poison Idea end of things. Good stuff, especially as I understand this was one of their first shows. Check their webspace here and maybe snag one of their charmingly anachronistic cassette demos.

Daylight Robbery were next, although I had hoped that it would be Canadian Rifle. The presence of their exceedingly lovely bassist dashed those hopes for me, but the fellow Chicago three-piece sure did bring it. Vocals were a little sketchy (due to the sound guy, not the singers), but the kids sure did bring the Chicago/Naked Raygun noise in a sweet fashion. Check them out here. Looks like they are doing the whole tour with Canadian Rifle and that is not a bad thing at all.

Canadian Rifle stepped up next and proceeded to pretty much level the joint from where I was standing. They have dropped a couple demos in the last year or so that I know I have heard, but can't find at this point. If you like early Jawbreaker, Tin Armor and/or the aforementioned Raygun of much Naked-ness, you could do exceedingly worse than Canadian Rifle. Here's a link to some MP3s. Peep the tourdates and make it out if you can, the Canadian Rifle/Daylight Robbery one-two is pretty damn hard to beat.

Iron Chic closed the night. I would have liked to see them, but the sheer amount of dilly-dallying by them in between (and the flyer {pictured} that said they must be over by midnight) the CR set and their post-12am start time did not bode well for a long set that wouldn't be cut short, so back across the bridge to JS-NYC HQ I went. Hope it was good and that they get their shit together next time.


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