Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Live: Art Brut at Mercury Lounge 6.7.9

Ah, Art Brut. How I do love thee and how I miss throwing up outside your tourbus in bucolic Southern enviorns like I did last on a couple of occasions last year. In the absence of too much Newcastle, and with the advent of their stellar new record Art Brut vs. Satan and a five night stand at Mercury, it seemed prudent to take in a show and bask in the hangover nostalgia.

Save for interpersonal disappointments and some camera problems, it was a good night at Merc. Art Brut pretty much killed it. Again, the new record is pretty great and you should pick it up immediate-like. Any record that skewers hipster rock with lines like 'cool your warm jets, Brian Eno' is the type of snarky-laden British rock I want to hear. They are doing more multi-night residencies in metropolitan areas all around this great world of ours and will undoubtedly be back in NYC soon. Keep track of all their subversive goings-on here. Buy Art Brut vs. Satan here.


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