Sunday, June 24, 2012

Live: Cory Branan with Audra Mae @ Mercury Lounge 6.22.12

Cory Branan's been putting in work lately. There's been the aces new record Mutt he's dropped on Bloodshot and now we've got the companion tour. He returned to the Merc with Audra Mae opening for him this time around. I only caught the last couple songs of her set, but she definitely seems to be killing it in the Neko/Kelly Hogan end of things. Her solo set was well received by the crowd and definitely seemed to have some of her fans in attendance. Check her out here.

The Branan set wasn't too much different from his last couple swings through town, although a new song did pop up in the set. For some reason Cory had the guy from Sad & French get up and did a couple songs in the middle of things that were decent enough (and the same as the duo set at American Trash in April) save for the fact they could have been Branan tunes and there was a hard out given a late show. A good time regardless, and one that will no doubt be repeated a couple times in the upcoming months of Mutt promotion. Grab a copy and keep track of all things Branan (including his impending nuptials) here.


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