Monday, June 18, 2012

Municipal Waste - The Fatal Feast

Municipal Waste are not an everyday band for me, but like a lot of bands, when you specifically need something like Richmond's finest, there is no better tool for the job. The Waste profile has risen higher and higher with every release and it would appear that The Fatal Feast: Waste In Space will continue apace. The high-tech(ish) video for the title track (see-able here) probably won't hurt either. John Connelly from Nuclear Assault reps on guest vocals, should you need a co-sign.

Canned beer, thrashing, space, vomiting, zombies and vomiting said beer post-thrashing with zombies in space are all covered in the 40 minutes you get to Feast, backgrounded by a spate of old-schooly thrash metal that will put pit beer muscles on you within the first four songs. Lots of chug and ride cymbal, breakdowns galore and a gang of sing/mosh-a-long parts. Not the first record I'd throw on Sunday morning, but props to the four big fucking nerds in Municipal Waste for releasing the funnest record of 2012. Get it here.


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