Friday, June 22, 2012

The Wedding Present - Valentina

The Wedding Present can often, if not always, be counted on to give you a solid rock record whenever they decide to release one. The Weddoes have been focusing on their back catalog and companion reissue initiative in recent years (this year:  Seamonsters) and dropping decent records in the interim.

The latest of said decent records is Valentina, coming courtesy of the TWP focal point David Gedge's Scopitones imprint. The band has changed pretty much 100% since the 2008's El Rey, but the sound pretty much remains the same: two clanging guitars, a driving rhythm section and Gedge dropping adenoidal tales of life, love and loss on top. The opening You're Dead establishes that TWP may have a different lineup, the Gedge songwriting has not suffered. Stop Thief is particularly aces, but the whole of Valentina is definitely a labor of love. Pick it up and keep up with all things Gedge, Cinerama and The Wedding Present here at the Scopitones web presence.


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