Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sarah Jaffe - The Body Wins

I saw Sarah Jaffe for the first time last year when she came through last Summer opening for the mighty Centro-matic and fell pretty hard for her breakthrough single Clementine. Backed by cello and insistently sparse backing, the track put Jaffe on the JS-NYC house system with good regularity. I saw the last couple times she made in through town, often with some semblance of Centro backing her and it was pretty obvious by the slowly growing crowds that words was getting out about the proud Texas daughter.

While there were flourishes previously, The Body Wins features bigger production (courtesy of John Congelton) and more pronounced electronic elements. Its a move that makes things a little more La Roux/Bad Seeds meets Gossip than previous, but also one that seems to place Jaffe in a position to get a lot of notice. There are a lucky thirteen tracks here, none of them even close to bad, so if the description above even mildly intrigues you, step lively to the Kirtland web presence and grab yourself a virtual or actual copy of The Body Wins before its on the tip of everyone's tongue.


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