Sunday, July 1, 2012

Jim Norton - Please Be Offended

Jim Norton has been rapidly approaching mainstream success in recent years, on a trajectory only eclipsed by the great Louis C.K. His presence on O&A has certainly not hurt anything, nor has his relentless stand-up touring. I wasn't crazy about his last recording, owing mostly to it being material I was already familiar with, but he's cleared the slate and stepped up with a new hour courtesy of upstart cable channel Epix, who you may remember did Bigger & Blackerer with David Cross a year or so ago.

Please Be Offended is a nice follow-up. Well, not nice, but definitely good. The opening segment that features both a transsexual and Ozzy Osbourne on the toilet (in separate vignettes) sets the tone for what you'll be getting for the next hour: namely commentary on a litany of topics including, but not limited to: Al Sharpton, prison rape dynamics, and The Dog Whisperer along with a laundry list of deviant sexual proclivities. You (hopefully) won't watch Please Be Offended with your Mom, but you do stand a very good chance of laughing your ass off.

Check it out here.


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