Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Adam Carolla - Not Taco Bell Material

Since Time Fucking Warner finally drove me to get rid of their shitty service, podcasts and AppleTV have ruled JS-NYC HQ hardcore. The Adam Carolla show has been in regular rotation since I got hip to it and has done nothing to diminish my pronounced man-crush on his acerbic ass. As such, I picked up his first book In Fifty Years We'll All Be Chicks when it dropped a couple years ago and enjoyed it a bunch. I've yet to grab the tangible book version of Not Taco Bell Material, but grabbed the audio book when it was offered. Not normally my thing, but as Adam himself was doing the reading and it was over eight hours, the economy seemed to be there.

The concept of Not Taco Bell Material is pretty much a memoir, with each epoch demarcated by the house Carolla lived in at the time. It works, as our narrator is engaging and can't stop going off on elaborate asides that eat up a lot of the third of a day the audio book takes to consume. By the end, a good portion of the back end of the book is first taken over by a text-to-voice program, then aborted outright, so feel free to enjoy Not Taco Bell Material in either form without too much fear of overlap. Get either (or both) and subscribe to the podcast here.


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