Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year from Jaded Scenester NYC plus free Best Of 2009 Comp!

Discriminating JS-NYC patrons:

Happy 2010 to both of you! Personally, I couldn't be more pleased to see last year and most of last decade in the rear view mirror. Save for Caroline's roof and recording the So Hideous EP, 2009 has been a fucking dungheap. I hope you found it better than we did, but from where we're sitting the only saving grace appears to be the bumper crop of progeny that has sprung (or is currently springing) up in some of my favorite households and a scant handful of records. As we usher in this new decade, JS-NYC would like to offer in good faith its services in differentiating between that which is shit and that which is the shit from the musical releases of 2009. Oh, how articles do such work!

We have taken the time to cull a lucky 43 track iTunes playlist for your listening pleasure, so if you'd like to hear it, give us a virtual ring at the e-mail or leave a comment with your contact info and we'll hit you back with a link pronto. I expect that I'll be spending the next week or so posting some Top 10 lists and what, so control your enthusiasm.

Thanks for reading!


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dbierling said...

Hey Rob,

Hit me back with that link whenever you get a chance. Hope all is well with you.