Thursday, January 14, 2010

Snack Truck - Spacial Findings 1-7

Snack Truck are sort of an enigma. The music is some jammy prog metal bereft of vocals, but frankly I'm unsure how many people are in the band. At least two, as there are definitely a drummer and someone playing chordal instruments. No help from the one sheet that lists three members (two drummers, one guitar/keys dude), but alludes to being a duo and has a web presence depicting four people (still two drummers, though). The only reason I make any deal about is because Spacial Findings would be pretty damn impressive as a quartet, great as a trio and spectacular if it's a duo. I guess that covers all the positive bases. They sound like Russian Circles a bit, maybe some Don Cab, but there are definitely some 70's Genesis nods as well. I'd say the electronic pastiche that closes the proceedings is sort of a killjoy, pretty much a bad Hilt/Puppy pastiche, but that presumed misstep aside, Snack Truck is totally worth checking out. Buy it here from the good folk of Rorschach. Incidentally, the blurb at the site alludes to these tracks having been "lost in space for years". Again, I'm not sure if that means the band is no longer active and the three dates listed are just one offs, or whether it's supposed to be promo hyping up the spacey jammy aspects of the band. Worth a listen either way, I'd say.


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