Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kudrow - Lando

Kudrow is the newest re-shuffling of the local indie rock deck, featuring Jeff from Bomb The Music Industry!, Mike from Latterman and Dave Garwicke from Halo Fauna and If You Make It. Dave Bierling mentioned them over the holidays and I had been meaning to check them out. Once I started digging, the happy coincidence of this 7" coming out on Ernest Jennings was exposed. Good times! Lando is four Chunks of Triangle-infused indie rock that should have you pogoing with cheap beer in hand in short order. Fast and slow songs. Nothing groundbreaking, save for perhaps the baritone guitar, but Lando still rocks like hell. You definitely should pick it up. Let JS-NYC help you: pop on over to those nutty Ernest Jennings kids here and get yourself some Lando. Keep track of Kudrow here.


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