Sunday, January 17, 2010

Live: Micah Schnabel @ Union Underground

Almost missed this one. Luckily e-mails from mayoral candidate Eric and his brother Dave got this back on my radar. This was my second time to Union Underground and my visit only asserted what I vaguely remembered about my last show: the upstairs space at Union Underground has the worst show space ever. There's a suitably-sized house backline, but the area of the floor that is supposed to be the stage is literally three feet from the bar and has two huge pillars that effectively block the view from both sides. Not to mention the quasi bar/shelf they've got between said pillars. The general consensus was that it allowed artists to sell merch while they played, but all in all in only adds to a bad situation.

Sadly, it wasn't the hugest crowd, but the the 30 or so people that did make it out were treated to one hell of a set. Micah's got a new solo record out called When The Stage Lights Dim, that is absolutely fabulous. While there was the usual Two Cow contingent out for the show, I'd venture that most of us were hearing the songs for the first time, but they were pretty universally well received. I really regret not taping it. He played for maybe 40 minutes, throwing some covers and whatever Two Cow favorites people (ok, Eric) shouted out. NYC was the last night of the tour, which Micah says was really well received. Lest Two Cow fans think this is the band's death knell, word from the man is that they'll be recording a new Two Cow record next month. It'll be on Suburban Home, and if the solo songs are any indication, I can't wait to hear it. In the meantime, pick up Micah's solo record here. Immediately. Look for a review soon.


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dako243 said...

Caught Micah twice last week, great shows! No 'Mats covers, but did hear
Atlantic City, American Girl, and Sloop John B amidst his solo & 2CG songs.