Thursday, January 28, 2010

Burning Fight

Burning Fight, subtitled The Nineties Hardcore Revolution in Ethics, Politics, Spirit and Sound encapsulates just that. Written by well respected writer at large Brian Peterson, the book opens with sections on the straight edge movement, politics, animal rights and spirituality then covers 31 seminal bands from the genre, including 108, Threadbare and Undertow. It's pretty great, and presented oral history style for the most part, leaving the fanboy (girl) stuff to you the reader. It certainly prompted a bunch of nostalgia paired with a huge amount of downloading. It's published by your friends at Revelation Records and if you are a fan of the genre you should definitely pick this up immediately. Props are due to Peterson for a great book that will no doubt be the benchmark for hardcore journalism in the future. Get more info on Burning Fight at its official web presence, then buy it from RevHQ here.


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