Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jaded Scenester Top 10 EPs of 2009

Ok kids. You loved the comp (still free, just e-mail) and were over the moon about the first Top 10 list where we dropped science on the best full-length records of 2009. Let's ride the wave of nostalgia a little more, shall we? Today we're going to give the little guys some shine and select the Top 10 EPs from 2009. Note that while some of these releases were two song 7" releases, JS-NYC is going to shout out the Top 10 individual songs (i.e. singles) later on this week.

Peep it:

Jaded Scenester NYC Top 10 Eps of 2009

1. RVIVR - Life Moves EP
2. Jon Snodgrass/Cory Branan split EP
3. Tenement - Icepick 7"
4. Copyrights/Dopamines - Songs About Fucking Up split EP
5. The Jealous Sound - Got Friends EP
6. Capital - Blind Faith EP
7. Paint It Black - Amnesia EP
8. Superchunk - Leaves In The Gutter EP
9. Minus The Bear - Into The Mirror
10. Celeste - Misanthrope(s) EP

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