Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jaded Scenester NYC Top Ten Singles of 2009

It was tough for me to come up with this list for a couple of reasons. One reason is that technology hates me. It's one of the many reasons that I'm happy to just be a dumb bass player. When I initially tried to figure out the tracks, it seemed prudent to just use the counter in my iTunes. Makes sense, right. In consulting said oracle I was surprised to find that there was one track that really was head and shoulders above any others playwise. I was most surprised to find said track was The Northside, The L&L, And Any Number Of Crappy Apartments by The Lawrence Arms. While that is a solid track, I can't see having played it 285 times, despite what the good folk of Apple might have me think. As a result, I'm going to throw empiricism to the wind. Additionally, I'm not going to limit this list to songs actually released in 2009. Mostly because I can. I bet a bunch of them are from 2009, but hey let's keep it interesting, shall we?

Ok, here we go.

Jaded Scenester NYC Top Ten Singles of 2009

1. Lifter Puller - Star Wars Hips (7" version)
from Slips Backwards
2. Kith n' Kin - Austin Lucas
from The Common Cold
3. Lonesome Dogtown Nights - Lucero
inexplicably not released on 1372 Overton Place
4. The Ballad Of Marvin Heemeyer - Shorebirds
from It's Gonna Get Ugly
5. Calloused Heart #2 - Drag The River
from Bad At Breaking Up
6. Darlin' - Austin Lucas
from Somebody Loves You
7. Jessica's Suicide - Jon Snodgrass
live with Joey Cape or Cory Branan
8. Geraldine - Glasvegas
from Glasvegas
9. Magazines - The Hold Steady
from Stay Positive
10. Sherman City - Lifter Puller
from Half Dead And Dynamite reissue

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