Friday, May 8, 2009

Ron White - Behavioral Problems

Ron White is a veteran of the comedy circuit. The average JS-NYC reader is probably familiar with White through his Comedy Central specials or maybe the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. If you're unfamiliar, Ron White is a big belligerent drunk from Texas. Those three sentences will pretty much tell you everything you need to know about Behavioral Problems. It's probably enough to drive most of you away already. Fair enough, but if you've made it this far, you'll probably not be surprised about the content here. White covers his usual topics: incidents he's gotten into while he's drunk, how he's an asshole, his dogs. Toilet humor (literally and figuratively) and some pro-Troops stuff are also addressed, along with a little bit of social commentary. It's all pretty crude, but far from unintelligent. I'm not sure the same thing can be said for his audience. White's kind of like your favorite oft-divorced Uncle after his second whiskey, not exactly politically correct but the kind of guy who will probably make you laugh even if you didn't want to. I wanted to laugh at Ron White, and did. You may feel differently, but you're also probably wrong. Pick up a copy of Behavioral Problems on CD or DVD here and decide for yourself.


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