Friday, May 22, 2009

New City Of Ships song and tour!

Hey Kids:

The collectives of Southern gentlemen that comprise the labels that are Sound Study Recordings and Translation Loss Recordings are banding together to co-release the new City Of Ships record called Look What God Did To Us. The record's not out until July, but City Of Ships are proactively sallying forth starting next week to do some dates with the mighty two-piece Liquid Limbs. Peep the skinny below:

CITY OF SHIPS have posted a new song from their monumental upcoming LP titled, “Look What God Did To Us.”  The track is called “Praise Feeder” and can be found on the band’s myspace page . The new album is due out in July and is being co-released by Sound Study Recordings and Translation Loss Records .  Sound Study Recordings will be handling the vinyl and digital releases with Translation Loss taking care of the CD.

The 10 song LP was recorded and produced by Andrew Schnieder (Cave In, Pelican) at Translator Audio in Brooklyn. It will serve as the bands first proper full length album.  The band previously released a split 12" with Souvenir's Young America and a collection LP Titled "Live Free or Don't Tour."

To support their newest effort the band will be going on a lengthy tour of the US and Europe.  The band leaves in June for a series of  East Coast dates with good friends and Sound Study labelmates,LIQUID LIMBS .  Following that they take on Europe for 10 weeks with BRAVEYOUNG andROSETTA .  Dates are below.



5/28 Orlando, FL @ Backbooth   w /   Liquid Limbs

5/29 Tampa, FL @   New  World   Brewery   w /   Liquid Limbs

5/30 Gainesville, FL @   The Atlantic   w /   Liquid Limbs   

5/31 Pensacola, FL @   Sluggos   w /   Liquid Limbs   

6/1 Birmingham, AL @  House   Show   w /   Liquid Limbs  

6/2 Chattanooga, TN @  J J s   Bohemia   w /   Liquid Limbs 

6/3 Covington, KY @  Mad Hatter   w /   Liquid Limbs  

6/4 Columbus, OH  @  Oldfield   s   w /   Liquid Limbs

6/5 Pitsburg, PA @  Pleasure   Island   w /   Liquid Limbs  

6/6  Frederick, MD @  Guidos   Speakeasy   w /   Liquid Limbs 

6/7  Richmond, VA @  Nara   Sushi  w /   Liquid Limbs  

6/9  Baltimore, MD @ Sidebar   w /   Liquid Limbs

6/10 Lancaster, PA @   Stomping Grouds   w /   Liquid Limbs 

6/11 Philadelphia, PA @  Pilam   w /   Liquid Limbs

6/12 Brooklyn, NY @ T B A   w /   Liquid Limbs

6/14 Providence, RI @  Firehouse 13   w /  Liquid Limbs


6/17 Wroclaw, PL @ Firlej Club w/ Rosetta & Blindead

6/18 Prague, CZ @ Klub 007 Strahov w/ Rosetta & Blindead

6/19 Athens, GR @ An Club w/ Rosetta & Blindead

6/20 Brno, CZ @ Yacht Club w/ Rosetta & Blindead

6/21 Budapest, HU @ Dürer Kert w/ Rosetta & Blindead

6/22  Vienna, AT @ Arena Dreiraum w/ Rosetta & Blindead

6/24  Berchem, BE @ JH Eglantier

6/25 Knokke-Heist, BE @ Offerendum Fest

6/28 Tilburg, NL @ 013 w/ Rosetta & Blindead

6/29 Berlin, DE @ Mikz w/ Rosetta & Blindead

7/1 Dresden, DE @ Az Conni w/ Braveyoung 

7/2  Leipzig, DE @ Zoro w/ Braveyoung

7/3 Frankfurt, DE @ Elfer Club w/ Braveyoung

7/4 Antwerpen, BE @ De Rots w/ Braveyoung

7/5 Lille, FR  @ Le Rumeur w/ Braveyoung

7/6 United Kingdom @ TBA w/ Braveyoung

7/7  Stroke on Trent, UK @ Harry’s Bar w/Braveyoung

7/8  Leicester, UK @ Criterion w/ Braveyoung

7/9  Glaslow, UK @  Captain’s Rest/ Braveyoung

7/10 Leeds, UK  @ Joseph’s Well w/ Braveyoung

7/11  Lincoln, UK @ Groomfest w/ Braveyoung

7/12 Le Havre, FR @ Kingstown Cafè w/ Braveyoung

7/13  Montaigu, FR @ Le Noctambule Bar w/ Braveyoung

7/14 Poitiers, FR @ Poitiers w/ Braveyoung

7/15  Toulouse, FR @ Le Pavillon Sauvage w/ Braveyoung

7/16 Leon, ES @  La Veja Escuela w/ Braveyoung

7/17  Porto, PT @ Fabrica Do Som w/ Braveyoung

7/18 Madrid, ES @ Siroco w/ Braveyoung

7/19 Badalona, ES @ Estraperlo Club w/ Braveyoung

7/20 St Feliu De Cordines, ES @ Center Civic La Fonteta

7/21 Lyon, FR @ Lyon’s Hall w/ Braveyoung

7/22 Vicenza, IT @ Centro Tecchio w/ Braveyoung

7/23  Ravenna, IT @ Bronson w/ Braveyoung

7/24 Meunchen, DE @ Sunny Red w/ Braveyoung

7/25 Solingen, DE @ Waldmeister Club w/ Braveyoung

7/28 Hof, DE @ Gruene Haidt w/ Braveyoung

7/29 Wuerzburg, DE @ Immerhin w/ Braveyoung

7/30 Amsterdam, NL @  Winston w/ Braveyoung

7/31 Utrecht, NL @ ACU w/ Braveyoung

8/1  La Louvière (Hainaut), BE @ La Taverne du Théâtre w/ Braveyoung

8/2 Blankenberge, BE @ Offshore Fest w/ Braveyoung

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