Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Live: Jason Anderson and 57th St @ Cake Shop 5.18.9

So I finally made it down to see Jason Anderson play at his Cake Shop residency. Queens beardos aldenbarton opened the show and backed Jason for his set later on in the evening as 57th St.

JS-NYC arrived just as our heroes were just about to morph into the 57th St alter egos. One line check later, Jason set it off and set to rocking the half-filled room like it was Madison Square Garden. Springsteen is a obvious influence, but is that really a bad thing?

ab/57th St kicked a hell of a lot of ass, especially bassist Paul Bates. The gents deserve big things, so check out the aldenbarton web presence and snag a copy of their debut Exodus Of The Eldest. Here's a link. Jason is cut from a little bit more of a classic rock cloth, but is pretty good his own self. There's one last date of the Cake Shop residency this coming Monday. You would be wise to be there. If you're dumb enough to miss it, see when you can see Jason next here. Go for the dates and stay for the (free) downloads.


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