Sunday, May 10, 2009

Doug Benson - Professional Humoredian

The great Patton Oswalt had always said good things about Doug Benson, but I had steered clear of him because of the douchebags that had gravitated to his projects like The Marijuana-logues and Super High Me. I also didn't realize that Super High Me was a satire of the premise of Super Size Me. While I'm happy that the SSM guy got a check behind that idea, I find it hard to say that there was anything especially ground-breaking about the idea that a guy would be both unhealthy and hate eating McDonalds after a month of such things. I eat a lot of crap and most of my marvelling came in the idea that anyone would eat that crap. Not because it's McDonald's, but because it just plain tastes bad. Wendy's, son!

But I digress. Professional Humoredian is Doug's first live cd and it's pretty funny. He talks about weed, sure, but he's got a bunch of funny things to say. An off-the-cuff encapsulation would be Patton Oswalt with a weed rather than Jameson's tendency, but that doesn't give Benson the credit that he deserves. It's a little surprising that this wasn't a DVD, but Professional Humoredian is definitely worth a listen. Pick it up here and keep tabs on whether he is actually killed by Canadians in the near future.


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