Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jim Gaffigan - King Baby

Jim Gaffigan has been blowing up in recent years. He does a ton of road work, has had at least a couple Comedy Central specials and has a regular cartoon segment called Pale Force on the Conan O'Brien show that is pretty popular. He also seems to be a regular on Flight Of The Conchords. Suffice to say that he's getting some airtime.

Gaffigan's an acquired taste. He's pretty middle of the road on King Baby, covering the usual topics like eating and sleeping. He loves to use a different tone of voice for his aside, which gets a little irritating for me, but he seems to do alright for himself without this asshole's approval. I like my humor a little bit cruder, frankly, but Gaffigan is genuinely funny. There's something to be said for a comedian you can enjoy with your Mom and for that I guess we should be grateful for Comedy Central taking such an interest. Comedy Central is reairing the specials next month, but you can enjoy King Baby on CD or DVD. Here's a link. Keep track of Gaffigan in the interim here.


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