Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jimmy Eat World - Clarity Live

So, it's been ten years since Jimmy Eat World released Clarity and the Arizona emo favorites decided to commemorate the event by playing a short 10 date tour where they played the record in it's entirety,  sweetening the deal with a couple deep cuts to keep it interesting for those that know Static Prevails is a better record. Of course, it wasn't a better selling one, nor was Chase This Light,  so cue this digital-only live recording.

Clarity: Live sounds good, and you can't beat the price. Recorded in front of a live Tempe audience that eats the shit up with a spoon, the band maintains the quiet intensity that is all the rage for edgier new-school Death Cab fans. As Jimmy Eat World have already reissued Clarity twice, it's nice that they kept prices down. They also did the solid of including two more tracks in What I Would Say To You Now and No Sensitivity from the Big Wheel Rec days. There is no new ground being broken, but this isn't the type of release that fosters such things. If you remember Jimmy Eat World fondly, throw on a pair of high-water Dickies with your low-top Cons and bask in the nostalgia.

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