Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Live: aldenbarton with Yoni Gordon and Jason Anderson and 57th St @ Cake Shop 5.11.9

For the uninitiated, the mighty aldenbarton have been doing double duty backing fellow Granite State titan Jason Anderson for his live performances. Jason has been the king of the residency of late, playing solo four weeks in a row at Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn and Pianos on Ludlow last month, and now doing the full band thing with aldenbarton at Cake Shop. Band rehearsals have precluded my sticking it out to see the ab/JA pairing, but I was able to pop in early and catch the aldenbarton opening set.

I showed up a little but into their opening set, but it was one of the best ab sets I've ever heard them play. Drew always sings well, but he was absolutely killing it this night. Even Jason, who plays with the gents often, came over to comment on it. Jim and Paul were solid as always. The guys have played together forever, so the midset audible that precipitated the cover of GbV's Teenage FBI was hardly a stumbling block, rather the cherry on top of the set, even prompting Jason to step in early with some backing vocals. I sure would have liked a recording of that and the stellar ab original New England, but it appears we'll have to wait for the gents to finish up their recordings at The Fort for that.

In the interim, you (and I) really need to get down and check out the Jason/aldenbarton pairing next Monday. Each week has a different hand-picked act in the middle slot. This week featured Yoni Gordon, who evidently plies his trade in the Ted Leo/Elvis Costello end of things. Drew gave him high marks and Jason picked him for the show personally, so suffice to say the guy brings it. Check out Yoni here and keep tabs on the last two Cake Shop shows here. They are free, so get off your duff and make it down.


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