Thursday, July 26, 2012

Live: Kind Of Like Spitting @ Knitting Factory 7.25.12

Depending on my level of crazy at any given time, Ben Barnett and/or Kind Of Like Spitting can be sublime or facilitate a hole lot of personal spiraling. Life has been as decent as could be expected of late, so it was more of a a pleasure than usual to ride over the bridge and see Barnett play a solo KOLS show at The Knit.

Ben is a lot like Mark Eitzel in that he can spend a lot of time meandering through nervous banter and indulging his neuroses when the average punter would prefer him to be singing, especially when he's playing solo. Springsteen and Phil Ochs were covered, as were many of the high points of the now almost-twenty year deep Kind Of Like Spitting canon. A fair amount of asides came into play, facilitated by a broken b string and a friend on her phone, as well as a far-too-extended exchange with some drunk guy, but the hour plus that we did get was pretty aces.  I've got a pretty decent recording, should any one of you be interested. Hit me up on the JS-NYC corporate e-mail and I'll send you a link.


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