Monday, July 9, 2012

Live: Cro-Mags and Sick Of It All at Webster Hall 7.6.12

Night two of the hardcore nostalgia fest again found JS-NYC posted up at the Webster Hall ready to get my old guy on. I rolled in as V.O.D played their last song to most of Long Island going batshit. I had noticed what I thought was an ex-member of one of the bands outside, but figured I was mistaken, as it seemed profoundly unlikely that said gent had been invited.

Mackie was in the middle of setting up when the lights came up to some eyebrow raising. After 10 or 15 minutes and some conspicuous stage clearing, word came down that the show was over. Eventually John Joseph came out and explained that the aforementioned ex-member had stabbed a couple people and sent us home. Arguably the quintessentially CBGB experience, but one that left my outlay at about $70 to see Madball and AF. Signs were pointing towards JS-NYC coming out formally anti-CBGB Fest.


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