Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lungfish - A.C.R 1999

There are many unfuckwithable bands from the Greater DC area, but Lungfish may very well be the top of the heap. And that's saying something. It's been far too long since 2005's Feral Hymns, begging the question as to whether we can really call Charm City's finest a truly active franchise. No live shows on the horizon, but we can at least take small consolation with this new recording. Or new collection, really. A.C.R. 1999 captures demos from a 1999 session at Baltimore studio A.C.R that preceded the recording of Necrophones at the start of the new millennium. Six of the tracks here were re-recorded for that record and demarcated but the other four are far from cast-offs, treading the same angular path we have come to know and love from Lungfish. I'll give Screams Of Joy the nod for the best of the 'new' tracks. Come for the new stuff and stay for the aces versions of Hanging Bird and Sex War.

It would be probably foolhardy to think that the release of A.C.R. 1999 will precipitate some live dates, but Moss Icon and Bitch Magnet have made a return to the live stage in 2012, so I'll leave that as a faint alluring possibility in my own personal world of delusion and hope for the best. Pick it up here from your friends at Dischord.


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