Monday, March 19, 2012

Jon Snodgrass - Five State Record

Well, it's 2012 and our esteemed Mr. Snodgrass sees  last year's Tri-State Record and raises us two more states, adding five more tracks to the back end to give us Five-State Record.

I'll refer back to my take on the previously released tracks here but one can rest assured that the fearsome fivesome that are appended newly are as strong as any of the best of the previous Snodgrass oeuvre. The split is 4 to 1 on the quiet songs, but Hopper is a top-notch rocker ala the opening Hey, Dennis. They're Not Friends and Excitable are pretty and slow, as is the unexpected presence of a formal recording of his Song For Gibson; pretty much sealing the deal for Five-State Record scoring a slot in the must-have column for anyone possessing the modicum of taste. One would hope you number among them.

Get Five-State Record here. Now.


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