Sunday, March 11, 2012

Live: Wussy @ Cake Shop 3.3.12

Ah, lifestyle issues. I love Wussy and was excited to see them again at Cake Shop. Hell, it was even a good time (more on that in a second), but I'll add the lack of ticket stubs in this day and age to the cauldron of denial I sup from and thank Nyctaper for posting the show and reminding me that I had gone and should probably blather a bit about it. Alright then.

So this was a four band bill, with Versus in the headlining slot that should have been held by The Figgs. Wussy played clean-up, knocking out an ultimately way too short 40 minute set. You can blame Cake Shop and the late show, as Wussy offered serious value for your indie rock dollar. In their continued attention to detail, and to better approximate the more expansive sound of their latest recorded effort StrawberryWussy have expanded to a quintet and added former Ass Pony John Erhardt to the fold. Sonically, things worked out fine, but the last thing anyone needed was another person in the basement of Cake Shop. Packed in cheek to jowl, it seems to speak to the idea like people are getting behind the new record in general and Wussy in particular. That's a good thing, and hopefully an eventuality that means we'll see them in a bigger room, maybe even with a stage, sometime soon. Ten songs total, pretty much half from the new record, with some chestnuts sprinkled in to keep it interesting. Hear it for yourself here, courtesy of the modern day saint nyctaper.


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