Friday, March 9, 2012

Doug Stanhope - Before Turning The Gun On Himself...

Our Mr. Stanhope has been prolific of late. On the heels of last year's live Burning The Bridge To Nowhere comes an entirely new set, again via the curious eventuality that is the comedy arm of Roadrunner records. Believe me, I questioned it my own self, but they seem to have hit the mark with the two Stanhope releases. Before Turning The Gun On Himself... is the newest Stanhope. Recorded in Salt Lake City, UT in front of a crowd of the devoted, the set finds our hero in typically obstreperous fashion, savaging AA and Dr. Drew and tempering it with commentary on the smell of his urine and Giant Black CockTM. I think its pretty great, but those that are in recovery, child possessing or a songwriter might do well to skip this chapter of the Stanhope canon. It's digital only, but do you really need a comedy CD in this day and age? Lovers of the tangible can look forward to the DVD release  of Before Turning The Gun On Himself...  later on this year. In the interim, get the digital approximation of same here from Roadrunner. Find the Stanhope web interface here.


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