Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lucero - Women & Work

Lucero are one of America's finest bands. JS-NYC favorites for the better part of a decade, its always cause for much rejoicing when the Memphis sextet roll through town or drop a new record. Last time they staggered through, Ben mentioned they had a new record called Women & Work coming. Well it's here, courtesy of your friends at ATO Records.

Now, I would never say not to buy a Lucero record, as Women & Work is a decent record, but it certainly has not set me afire like previous releases. The boys are changing: I was pretty cool with the addition of dual monsters Todd Beene from the mighty Glossary on steel and Rick Steff on keys and accordion. Horns have been more prevalent on the record and road in recent years and its been a slippery slope for me. Lucero are from Memphis after all, and I respect the desire to push the envelope a bit, but at the end of the day I wish the songs were better. There's really nothing here that grabs me, but with a back catalog bursting with great tunes, I'm going to fall back on seeing Lucero as much as possible and hope that the songs on Women & Work grow on me.

Keep track of what towns should be hiding their daughters via this handy link and get Women & Work here from the Lucero web presence.


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