Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jon Snodgrass - Tri-State Record

As I am oft to point out, JS-NYC loves themselves some Jon Snodgrass. That love has not abated, and he is kind enough to pretty prolific. I blame it on my absence from Facebook, but as such, it is pretty fucking embarassing that I didn't realize this EP was out until a couple days ago. As one might surmise from the title and handy visual aid, Tri-State Record is the estimable Mr. Snodgrass backed by a ragtag combo from the three (sort-of) corners of the US, a (small) a-team comprised of Chris Wollard, Addison Burns and Steven Egerton.

You get five songs for your hard-earned dollar, pretty much all of which I believe made it into the set last time he was in town with Joey Cape. Things break down thusly: Bad Kreuznach is drawn from the Snodgrass well that is seemingly tapped most regularly five samboucas in on the road. Those songs are kind of hit or miss for me, but far from bad. The remaining four are all in the win column. Weighing In On St. Michael is the pure purpose driven songcraft ala Song For Gibson while the remaining three are pretty much the solid straight rockers we've come to know and love from Jon Snodgrass. I'd give Campaign Song a mild edge, but all three are pretty aces. Own it.

Get it here from the good folk of Paper and Plastick, virtually or actually.

Find Snodgrass here.


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