Thursday, March 1, 2012

Live: Craig Finn and Some Guns @ Mercury Lounge 2.29.12

Craig Finn, Mercury Lounge and an 8:30 start time are a perfect storm of awesome for this old timer. The improbable addition of Shia Labouf and rain complicated things somewhat, but I still managed to post up stage left with Eric right before things got underway. I'm not all that crazy about Clear Heart, Full Eyes, but continue to relish any chance I get to see shows at Mercury Lounge, so cash was ponied up. From the initial Apollo Bay, it was pretty obvious that I could check my ambivalence at the door and the songs were going to translate better live. The backing band for the tour, dubbed Some Guns, featured four Austin heavyweights (including Alex from Grand Champeen) and kicked serious behind for the duration. Finn is engaging as hell and his stage presence and banter really help things, as did the month of shows they had played previous to this double set of shows, no doubt.

Most of Clear Heart, Full Eyes was addressed in the hour plus we were afforded, as were four pretty damn aces tracks not on the record. I rollled in cranky and pleased things were wrapping up early and left wishing I had bought tickets for the late show. Nyctaper has this very set available for your downloading pleasure, so know that it comes highly recommended and download it yourself here.


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