Friday, June 24, 2011

See A Little Light by Bob Mould

The recent Husker Du tome that Andy Earles dropped was one of the more exciting propositions that JS-NYC has encountered in recent history, but suffered from primary singer/guitarist Bob Mould opting not to take part in the project. I'm going to revisit Husker Du in the wake of reading this, but anyone into Husker Du or any of the members/associates therein should drop everything and get themselves a copy of See A Little Light stat.

Now in the interest of keeping everything 100, readers should know that See A Little Light is a memoir, and while Husker Du was part of his history, it is but a small part of the Bob Mould experience. One should also know, if they are not already aware, that Bob is gay. As you might surmise, something as integral to one's self as sexuality plays a large part in the narrative. It's not coming from a Motley-esque The Dirt perspective, but it is certainly a large part of the proceedings. Mould is candid about all aspects of his life from childhood to present day in See A Little Light, exposing some of the reasons why his relationship with his ex-bandmembers is so chilly, his feelings on Jon Wurster, professional wrestling and a host of other things Bob and Mould. Bob can write (Michael Azerrad helps) and his story is a compelling one. See A Little Light gets high marks from JS-NYC. Get it here.


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