Sunday, June 26, 2011

Live: Art Brut @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg 6.23.11

The latest Art Brut definitely numbers amongst the best releases in the last couple months, ranking up there with the newest The Fucking Cops EP for heaviest rotation at JS-NYC HQ of late. Brilliant! Tragic! marks their second dalliance with Pixies frontman Black Francis, coming chock full of angular, very British, rock music. This show was opened by Mini-Boone, who Drew always gives props to, but I opted out and swanned my little self in a couple minutes before the obligatory Van Halen came over the PA and Eddie Argos & Co. took the stage.

The Art Brut buzz stateside has faded post-cooling of the relationship with improbable indie barometer Pitchfork, but they still ok in NYC. The room was far from jam-packed, but still respectably filled with a bunch of nerds that seemed to be quite taken with our heroes. I am pretty much over the breaking of the third wall, except as it regards around retaliatory actions, but Eddie spent a fair amount of time in the crowd, in between storytelling and singing the odd song or two. The rest of the team seemed to be in high spirits, as well, so we can assume that they are making the best of their fading stardom and lack of remuneration as they approach a decade's time as an active band. Art Brut are always pretty tight, and the songs get better and better. One would hope this will mean more success, but it's a fickle world. Buy Brilliant! Tragic! via this handy link and keep tabs of all other things Argos and Art Brut here.


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