Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nada Surf - The Moon Is Calling

I always though that the 'Popular' era of Nada Surf was seriously Meh-able, and was pretty shocked when they managed to get a second wind (and companion notoriety) in the early part of the new millenium. Last year's If I Had A Hi-fi was fun for a covers record, but as it's been almost four years since they released Lucky, some new material really is in order.

Barsuk evidently felt the same way, and Nada Surf ponied up a new 7" for this year's Record Store Day. Two new songs, both highly polished demos of songs that are evidently to appear on the new Nada Surf record. Both are decent, with the b-side driving things a tad more than you might expect from the lads. Good stuff regardless. May be 7" only, but well worth getting The Moon Is Calling here from your buds at Barsuk.


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Jeni@Lift said...

"meh-able" that's a term I'd like to add to my commentary repertoire! Thank you for, J