Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Live: Tragedy and Citizens Arrest @ Europa 5.31.11

I was really on the fence for this show, having busted my fucking ass in a serious fashion on the bike a couple nights previously. My back and ribs were (and are) fucked in a pronounced fashion, but then again so is the subway, so on the bike I went to the show.

Tragedy shows are not known to be an olfactory delight in the coldest of climes. It was the first sign of warm weather and that combined with the small portable favela ensconced out front did not bode well for it smelling un-punk for the duration, but it was Tragedy and Citizens Arrest and all. This show was another show coming courtesy of Ian Dickson and his Hardcore Gig Volume. I enjoy his shows there best on weekend nights when the polish disco dance party has shows wrapping up at 11 on the dot, but seeing Tragedy in a place with good sound and ventilation seemed a safe proposition for a Tuesday night.

I rolled up as Citizens Arrest were setting up. I was excited to see them, but had forgotten until the ride over that Ted never actually sang in CA past the demos and wondered how I'd find the gents in their old age. The older stuff did come off a wee bit dated 25 years on, but the new stuff was actually pretty decent for a bunch of old dudes. The crowd was pretty into it and it wasn't just old guys. Whouda thought? The five-piece CA have a new 7" on Coextinction Recordings you can get here. They are playing Chaos in Tejas and limited other dates. Keep track of them here.

Tragedy were up next, as was the mean BO level in the room. The Portland foursome were passing through on their way to Europe. The crushed from note one to note last, egged on by a crowd that went apeshit for the duration. There were some mike issues that did little to make Todd a happy camper, but all in all this was one hell of a double bill. I would have liked to have seen Night Birds, but trust they brought it in their usual fashion. Kudos again to Ian and Hardcore Gig Volume for consistently booking the best shows in NYC.


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