Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Norm Macdonald - Me Doing Standup CD/DVD

There is always much celebration when anything Norm-related appears on the radar. There is, of course, the new Sports Show With Norm Macdonald. The eight show arc was pretty top-notch, hopefully to be renewed for another season. There is also the formidable Twitter presence to be enjoyed. Know that only Mssrs. Macdonald and/or Jon Wurster would suck me into that vortex of ridiculousness and that those two (ok, and Todd Barry) are worth the trip.

Comedy Central dropped a new standup special from Norm called Me Doing Standup (during a green initiative that urged people to turn off all electrical devicery) and have now dropped a CD and DVD version of the set, no doubt to mollify the tree-hugging masses. The cd is good, but you know you really want the DVD. That adds about 10 minutes, plus the Back To Norm special from a couple years back, his roasting of Bob Saget and some animated featurette. No one possessing of a working neurological system should be without Me Doing Standup. Get it here.


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