Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mixtapes- Hope Is For People

Mixtapes are from Ohio and make the punk rock in the spirit of The Dopamines and Brokedowns, although with the added benefit of a hot lady in the band to break up the ugly dude factor and keep the vocals from being like a lot of the current midwestern crop. That always seems to help things, but know that the songs on Hope Is For People are good too. Plus, the artwork has a donut sun and companion pond, which is a fine omen even after eating a dozen donuts yesterday.

Hope Is For People has only five tracks, four of which are uptempo and beer-chug friendly, one of which has a little false Unlovables type co-ed opener to give you a sec to catch your breath. Mixtapes are touring the hell out of the summer, so keep an eye out at all your favorites Fests and Dear Landlord tours. Here's a link to their web presence.


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