Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dan Telfer - Fossil Record

Dan Telfer has been quietly making a name for himself in the stand-up comedy world, playing the nerdy Mike Birbiglia meets Greg Proops card to increasingly larger crowds. For his first EP, Fossil Record, he has opted to release product via the upstart AST (A Special Thing) Records. Telfer is good, and seems to be ingratiating himself to the Oswalt / Posehn / Tompkins set, as the opening slots are coming fast and furious for him.

Again, it's kind of a niche thing, as the lion's share of the material on Fossil Record is about dinosaurs. Intelligently put forth and funny, but about dinosaurs on a comprehensive Discovery Channel meets National Geographic level. Picture a world where there were comedians who made their living doing corporate Paleontology gigs and you've got a good starting point. For some, this may be a deal breaker. Truth be told, there are small asides about Star Wars and Voltron, if either eventuality piques your interest, but the Dane Cook fans in our virtual midst might want to look elsewhere for their comedy fix.

The Telfer web presence mentions a desire to host a science show and he'd be wise to pursue that endeavor. In the absence of that opportunity to hear him, poke around his site and see for yourself what he brings to the table. Here's a link. Lovers of economy as well as comedy might opt for the three-fer EP deal that AST has going on their site. You get Fossil Record, along with the new Greg Proops and Paul F. Tompkins EPs, all for $15. Not so bad of a deal, and no two drink minimum either. Here's a link to the AST deal zone.


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