Friday, August 6, 2010

Big Jay Oakerson - An American Storyteller

I stumbled upon Big Jay Oakerson through his Comedy Central special. He was sort of a super-sized Dave Attell, with a great delivery and similar tastes in sexual and scatological humor. I was pretty obsessed with that special, but lost it in a string of cable box failures and figured I'd have to charge it to the game.

Then I found An American Storyteller. Upon some investimagation, I was red-faced to realize that it had been released over a year ago. Doh! An American Storyteller is a comedy record not to be be missed. Or played in front of those with more sensitive tastes, as our dear Jay covers a number of topics that would cause the more modest people in our midst to have a hemorrhage. An American Storyteller is stem to stern hilarious, but be forewarned. There is a point towards the end of the set where Oakerson realizes that he's purveyed easily a half-hour of filth in front of a 15 year old girl that has to be heard to be believed. Frankly, it would almost seem like a plant for purposes of the recording (ala the infamous Mitch Hedberg special), but it no way makes An American Storyteller any less of a must-buy. Buy it here. The Oakerson web presence is here.


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